How to Monetize my Social Channel?

All you have to do is add your Mobile Wallet link to your bio.
This link is what will allow Followers to buy items in just one click.
Social Media Payments

Find Potential Customers?

Scroll the list below to sell or promote your business, products & services.

A New Way to... Get Paid!

You can target any type of user from any industry. Whether you’re an individual, a business, or an influencer, targeted growth will help your business get famous on all Social media channels. Covering all of the demograpics eg. Influencers, Ecommerce, Musicians, Beauty, Fitness, Real Estate, Hospitality, etc…

Sell Anything from your Mobile device.
By connecting a business, you enable users of Social applications to buy your products, greatly expanding your business’s reach. You can use the shop to promote all your business, products & services, and then your Mobile Wallet will take over: creating the orders and accepting payment on your behalf. Setting up a business is as easy as turning it within 5 minutes.

Open a Shop

Manage your own inventory, orders, customers, coupons and balance all in one place.


Connect Channels

Link any Social channel(s) to your Mobile Wallet, just one click away from your Social profile.


Monetize Social

Monetize direct traffic from individual posts and links on Social media to your shop.


Full Control

Endless opportunity to Sell items, promote & generate more revenue on Social media.

Instant Payments from Followers!
Publish your Products, and Start Selling directly to all your Followers.

No Minimums, No Monthly Fees, No Worries.

* Charges occur on sold items only.


Accept USD, EUR, GBP payments.


No Setup, Monthly Costs, or Hidden Fees.


Visitors, transactions & traffic to your Shop.

Social Commerce
Social Commerce Shop
Connect Any Profile

User Name

Mobile Wallet URL  – Add link to your bio, post or share

* Make sure your wallet payout address is correct. If sent to the wrong place there is nothing we or the blockchain can do about it. Transaction (network) fees may be included with any transfer.

Social Commerce & Business Opportunities

  • Sell online, market or promote your business, brand and products by using a direct link to your Mobile Wallet or personal Cloud Terminal.
  • Manage all your influencer marketing campaigns through one beautiful dashboard.
  • Generate new income directly from any mobile device, perfect for managing orders on the Go!
  • Open up an entirely new market segment by providing beyond Cash-on-Delivery payment options to your customers.
  • Send out personalized offers, discounts and rewards by collecting email addresses of your customers.
  • Accept any form of Payments On-the-Go from your customers when you operate mostly on the road.
  • Increase your VIP guests and customers’ satisfaction with reduced waiting time & response time.
  • Accept payments during an event or exhibition and never miss out on any sale transaction from your visitors.
  • Increase sales, repeat customers & improve customer service. From small, medium businesses to large enterprises, and “YOUR BUSINESS”.
Social Commerce
Create Your own SALE, Coupons, Deals & Discounts
Manage your own business, products & sevices you offer on any  social and online media that supports social interaction. Sell anything you want on all iOS & Android mobile devices and multiple sales channels through one unified platform to do it all.